“You and I” - New Single


  •  JUN 7 – MONTEFANO (MC) – Parco Fibonacci

  • JUN 8  – PIACENZA – Good Bike! / Viale Pubblico Passeggio

  • JUN 15  – CESENATICO (FC) – Good Bike! / Piazza Andrea Costa

  • JUN 22 – FONTANELICE (BO) – Fiume diVino

  • JUN 28 – NOVI DI MODENA (MO) – Aia Folk Festival 

  • JUN 29 – PONSACCO (PI) – Bluesacco Festival 

  • JUL 7 – FERRARA – Comfort Festival® / Nuova Darsena

  • JUL12-21 – PERUGIA – UmbriaJazz Festival

  • JUL 25 – POLONIA / CZLUCHOW – Polish Boogie Festival

  • JUL 26 – CASEMURATE (RA) – Sweet Home Equilandia 

  • JUL 28 – SENIGALLIA (AN) – Summer Jamboree

  • JUL 31– CREVALCORE (BO) – Sereserene

  • AUG 10 – SLOVENIA / LAKE ZBILJE – Wild West Festival

  • AUG 15 – MARINA DI RAVENNA (RA) – Woodstock Beach Festival / Finisterre Beach


    "The Lovesick Duo with the new work entitled "All Over Again" demonstrate the maturity they have reached, they know of their skill, they broaden their artistic vision to the western-swing of the 40s and 50s. Excellent musicians, energetic and sunny, they could also have great success abroad where rock'n'roll - Germany, France and England, for example - is much loved."


    "Theirs is not a mere imitation of certain styles, but a sincere approach to a mood that still has its raison d'être today. In "All Over Again" there is not only enthusiasm and passion, but also study and technique, as well as an innate ability to churn out enthralling and colorful melodies, delicious southern rock frescoes and nostalgic ballads."


    "The opening song "All over Again" is a catchy Country Rocker that again reminds me of BR549..Second Chance" is a nice mid-tempo Rockabilly duet with some cool lapsteel licks. "Black and White Light" a cool Jimmy Reed style Blues number with some great Bottle Neck Guitar.

    'I might be Going Home “is a beautiful slow Americana ballad featuring special guest Roberto Luti on resonator guitar. Ain't No Other Place (For you and me) is a very catchy Western Swing song in the style of Bob Wills with special guest Allesandro Cosentino on the Fiddle.