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Lovesick Duo

A Country Music Adventure CD+BOOK (2021) Full Pack (language ENG)

A Country Music Adventure CD+BOOK (2021) Full Pack (language ENG)

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CD plus comic book English Version


  1. Roly Poly                
  2. Hey Good Looking
  3. Heartaches by the number
  4. I still miss someone    
  5. Thanks a lot
  6. I’ve Got a Tiger by the tail       
  7. If you’ve got the money (I’ve Got the Time)
  8. Mama Tried
  9. Divorce me COD  
  10. Singing the blues   
  11. For the good times
  12. Bloody Mary Morning
  13. I wonder where you are tonight
  14. White lightning         
  15. Miss the Mississippi and you      
  16. Ain’t no other place (for you and me)

A Country Music Adventure

We take you by the hand and bring you along with us on a journey through the history of country music. We introduce you to many of the musicians who have inspired us and continue to do so.

The purpose of this work is informative and we hope to spark some curiosity about the world of country music which continues to inspire us and bring us emotions.

The characters that have been drawn by the skilled hands of Lorenzo Menini have been created with the upmost respect.

The story is an imaginary journey and as such, it serves the purpose of sparking interest and perhaps allowing people to dream for a few minutes. No part of the story is true ... even if it would be nice.

Let the adventure begin

Paolo e Francesca
Lovesick Duo

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